Apple filed a new patent for its smart watch.

The news would be on accessories that connect through the watchband.

Apple’s goal is to return to its most smart and functional watch.

The technology company Apple filed a patent for a modular belt that would include a new addition to their smartwatch functions to overcome the current limitations. The idea seeks to revolutionize the world of wearable.

According to the website Apple Insider, the new features to be developed for the modular belt would be linked to accessories with the possibility of implementing external batteries, secondary displays, thermometers for measuring body temperature, GPS system and measurement of blood pressure. These accessories would be connected with the Apple Watch via hidden under the belt hook port.

Similarly, another patent was requested by Apple to develop a system that detects new gestures of the hands, arms or fingers of the user to activate functions on the clock as an answer or reject a call, activate or deactivate motor insurance, so as changing the page on the digital book being read.
The US Patent and Trademark Workplace disclosed that patent applications stayed half dozen and seventeen Gregorian calendar month 2015.

Apple has not officially confirmed the possible developments of his watch, but it is speculated that this year the company could present its new generation of smart watches, which since its first generation have not changed in the hardware.

The watchOS operating system of the smartwatch Apple is in version 2.2.







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