FBI help unlock an iPhone and iPod in new murder case

On 28 March the agency was able to access a device without help from Apple.

A state prosecutor confirmed the collaboration Arkansas FBI.

After achieving unlock the iPhone murderer of 14 people in San Bernardino, United States, the FBI today agreed to unlock two Apple devices belonging to teenagers charged with murder in Arkansas, the prosecutor handling the case said.

Just two days ago, the FBI announced it had gained access to your iPhone used by the author- massacre of San Bernardino, California, so it no longer needed the help of which Apple refused to pre Starla- to unlock apparatus.

The Faulkner County prosecutor (Arkansas), Cody Hiland said Thursday that the FBI responded positively to the request made ​​by his office and the Police Conway to unlock an iPhone and an iPod two murder suspects.
In fact, the trial against Hunter Drexler, one of the alleged murderers, had to start next week and the judge agreed to postpone until June to allow time for the prosecution and the FBI.

Drexler is charged with Justin Staton, murder in July 2015 to Robert and Patricia Cogdell in Conway, Arkansas. The Cogdell, both 66, they had adopted and raised as a grandson Staton, according to local press.

When we learned that the FBI was able to unlock the phone, apparently wanted to ask if we could help, said Hiland. According to prosecutors, Staton used his iPod to communicate with others involved and plan the murders, so rely on finding incriminating evidence in both devices.

Both Drexler as Staton have pleaded not guilty of the crimes and the first lawyer, Patrick Benca, said today do not be worried about anything containing the phone. The FBI unlocks the iPhone 6 belonging to a higher Drexler in San Bernardino robber model, so it is uncertain who can access it with the same method used with the above.

The FBI agreed to your Rizwan Farook, responsible with his wife Tashfeen Malik, the death of 14 people in December in California after a long legal dispute and that Apple refused to lend their support. The company claimed that demand access to government put at risk the privacy of all your devices.

Finally, the FBI managed to find a way to access the Apple device using a method not yet revealed by the state agency. Let they know that it was thanks to the intervention of a third party who is rumored to be the Israeli company Cellebrite, who would confirm, without giving details, the BBC be working with the FBI.

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