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golf clashAnother challenging yet entertaining and addictive game in the category of action adventure game is Golf clash – a sandbox based adventure game. Golf clash shares some similarity with Trove and Minecraft, for example, vowel based words. However, it is entirely different and can stand on its own. Unlike similar games such as Minecraft, where the player and other entity look like portions of rectangles or square, Golf clash cheats has more realistic and captivating features.

Many things differentiate Golf clash from other adventure games. Firstly, the game encompasses a modern artwork which captures your attention and arouses your feelings of satisfaction. It is challenging, however not too difficult to play. In fact, you don’t need any unique materials before you can pick up high-quality blocks; you can do that with the ordinary glove and little efforts.

In golf clash, all the features are easily identifiable. Humans look precisely like a human, and other entities look like beasts. In whole honestly, the graphical appearance of the game is second to none, and all the objects are fantastic – resembling cartoons. In the daytime, the entities are brightly colored, but the appearance varies slightly at night and looks more aggressive. Nevertheless, they still appear real and can be differentiated from each other.

Features of golf clash

There are several fantastic features in golf clash; all which are very essential in modern adventure games. A couple of them are discussed in the following paragraphs…

Crafting: Crafting in golf clash is pretty much different from that of Minecraft, as you can craft practically anything without memorizing any recipes. Initially, you need to start with basic versions of block or items, and you must craft them to unlock alternative versions. When in the basic stage, crafting is somewhat instant but takes time in later stages.

Combat: Golf clash allows you to use a wooden stick for a fight, as well as swords. As you advance to a better sword, it becomes easier for you to kill entities with fewer hits. Once you have started combating the objects, you should also remember that all gear and armor degrade before you know it. The durability of armor reduces as you get hit, and swords, use strength whenever you hit enemies. Another thing you need to know about the game is that you can go back to your base via different location.

Share: another feature of golf clash is the ability to share your accomplishments with friends and compete with them. The game allows you to invite your online friend to compete and play together via an internet connection.

Installation requirements

Golf clash is compatible with android. the minimum requirements for installation in android are android 4.0,  For optimal performance, 2GB RAM is recommended and available 20MB space on the Hard Drive.

Lest I forget, you can’t drop or trade items on the ground. You can only give things to others using the chest. Maybe that’s the initial setback in the game.In general, golf clash is an exciting game to play. It doesn’t interfere with PCs operation, and refreshingly refreshing.

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