Be cool and get ready to take Halloween Selfies.

Halloween usually makes one remind of the two things; one is Candy and the other being the costume-anxiety. The cost of designing and finding a costume is high, and it is entirely possible that have no desire to appear like a zombie or monster.

If you are not very much excited about the original ideas and you don’t want to leave the comforts of home. Then it is not necessary that you utilize your energies into this, with the technical inventions you can digitally dress up yourself.

All you merely got to do is transfer some photos on these applications and solely meant for you. So terrorize your friends with these spooky editing.


Halloweenify is one of the apps provided by Google+ which makes it easy for you to edit randomly clicked pictures with special effects. You can choose from the two effects that are possible, “fun effect” for a funny editor go for the horrific look choose “spooky effect. And if you aspire for additional ghastliness, then doesn’t worry Google+ can turn your pictures into GIFs as well.


Picmonkey is almost like a Jack-o’-lantern icon which is so full of Halloween themes, including Comic Heroes, Zombies, Vampires, Day of the Dead, Demons, and Witches. You just need to make little changes with the settings to get the desired effect. This app will give you a living feel of the Spirit Halloween. Enjoy the spookiness!

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 is the most popular photo-editing apps because it is quite easy to use. Like any other photo apps, this app makes theme packs that can be applied to your pictures and give them a polished and artistic twist. To access the Halloween effects package, tap on the magic wand icon and later click on More Effects.

Once the pack is installed, you can go on to try other filters on your photos.

Ghost Camera

Ghost Camera is a quick Android app, and it inserts a ghost into the already clicked photo, and they are horrifying. Go and choose the “Prank Camera” option and choose a picture from your phone’s gallery or take a new one. Click on the “Effect” button to turn your photos into Grey or Sepia. The next step is to click on “Mask” or choose to add a ghoul to the picture.

Pick up any of the apps and Halloweenify your randomly clicked selfies. You look scary!

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